Pagani Bike

Riding a Pagani Bike is a unique experience.

Speed, design, lightness and elegance – a must have!

Designed for the city, for those who love beauty and appreciate the quality of Italian craftsmanship.
The bicycle is the oldest, the simplest, the most environmental friendly means of transport of all times: a frame, two wheels and two pedals.
There is a feeling of tradition, of primitive purity in the Pagani brand. Clean-cut designs and high quality materials joined together by MADE IN ITALY puts it at the centre of contemporary transport.

It isn’t only a means of transport, but a way of living the urban environment.
The Pagani bicycles are unique: the warmth of wood and leather, the strong, essential frames made from Columbus steel tubes, the lightness of aluminium makes them beautiful to look at and exciting to ride.

For those who live each day for style and want their means of transport to be like an accessory.

Shooting Biciclette Pagani